Tired of Hearing Crickets in Your  Math Class?

It's time to bust sit-'n'-get mode and 
inspire your students to love math!



Are you working extra hard these days as a 3rd, 4th or 5th grade teacher -- shifting between virtual and in-classroom instruction?

The students are struggling. Distractions (and helicopter parents) abound. Checking off those state math standards in every lesson? Forget it. And on top of all that… state exams are looming.

You dream of the moment when every student understands their math concepts fully, can do problems with ease and is ready to ace the next exam. But with all that is going on, how can you possibly stop to help the ones that just... aren’t... getting it?

Something’s got to change in your classroom this year. Could there be a fresh way to knock down barriers and inspire a love of math in your students, even in this challenging environment?

You dream of having some definitive math strategies that actually help you deliver concepts in a way that works for your class. And you need those strategies... right now.


Hello, I'm Valencia Thornton. And I'm here to help you love math class again...

without calling in more help, passing your students on to the next grade or leaving the comfort of your home on weekends.


Does any of this sound familiar?

On a regular basis, do you...

  • Question whether to teach old skills or just move on?
  • Struggling teaching higher skills when students don't know basics?
  • Wish more students would remain engaged in class?
  • Count on one hand the students who have number sense?
  • Wish your students would thank you for making them “think?"
  • Dream of having students leave your class having mastered math?

Or perhaps you...

  • Have seen students get passed on when they weren't ready?
  • Are stumped by your students' low self-esteem?
  • Feel like you're constantly exhausting all your math teaching strategies?
  • Are searching for really good math instructions?
  • Feel concerned about students' socio-economic disadvantages?
  • Struggle with fear in your classroom instruction?
  • Or have been held accountable unfairly for students' lack of understanding?

As a Math Education Expert and Founder of C.R.A.M. Academy...

... As well as an Instructional Consultant, Trainer and Former Title 1 Teacher...

I know each of those scenarios above by heart because I lived them! When I began teaching math to struggling Title I students years ago, I saw signals of a larger problem impacting my students' ability to learn math.

Many of the students assigned to my math classes were academically deficient and isolated from the regular population. They also lacked the critical thinking skills for problem-based learning and rigorous instruction.

To compensate, I started creating strategies for delivering math concepts that would help my students grasp the most difficult material, actually enjoy it, and not just meet… but exceed… established academic goals.

What happened next amazed me.


The strategies worked better than I hoped.

Not only did students begin to excel in the classroom and on exams… but they actually broke down mental and emotional barriers... and began loving math!

Eventually, I knew I could not keep these amazing strategies to myself. I had to change math struggles and release the students and teachers from bondage.

So I left teaching in the classroom and founded C.R.A.M. Academy, an organization dedicated to helping other teachers master math teaching strategies that inspire students to finally love math.

If I can do this, you can too.

I’m here to help.

With my proven C.R.A.M. Academy strategies, you can help students:


Gain Confidence

Raise their personal sense of mastery and pride in their math skills

Ace Exams

Increase classroom and standardized test scores almost effortlessly

Enjoy Numbers

Finally gain a real “numbers sense” that makes math class easy and fun

Build Consistency

Achieve 85% to 90% mastery of math facts through practice


Truth Is: It’s not hard to help kids fall in love with math -- with the right instructional strategies.

In C.R.A.M. Academy's brand-new online math strategies program, you will learn new methods and practical strategies that help even the most challenged underachieving students become successful in mathematics. You’ll also learn how all the math standards connect -- and how to help students apply the standards in real world scenarios.

C.R.A.M. Academy Online 

helps 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers like you transform students from combative and bored to engaged and excelling in every class. 

C.R.A.M. Academy Online is a practical online training program that equips teachers to increase math engagement and achievement through enhanced instructional strategies for all skill levels.

I am a veteran math educator and your master trainer. I have over 25 years of  experience in the State of Georgia classrooms, working with Title I students as well as the regular education population. C.R.A.M. Academy Online has been designed by veteran educators, road-tested in dozens of classrooms, and approved by school administrators nationally.

Many teachers tell us that their students have never connected with math like this before. Imagine seeing your entire class that empowered and engaged!

C.R.A.M. Academy Online...

Is a safe place to enhance your math instruction and content delivery skills. 

In our module-based online program, you will overcome the frustrations and barriers you feel as you teach 3rd, 4th or 5th grade math in your classroom.... and walk away confident your class is now going to LOVE math as much as you do!

What Makes C.R.A.M. Academy Online Different:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Based Learning
  • Non-Traditional Approach to Standard Math
  • Proven Success Rate Among Our Teachers
  • 1:1 Dialogue and Unlimited Email Support
  • Classroom-initiated, -based, and -tested

Some of the fast, fun strategies we teach for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade math standards include:

  • Making use of formative assessment
  • Becoming a subtraction superstar 
  • Creating math facts with Tapp And Add
  • Meeting Mr. Million (large numbers)
  • Four-square division (nine skills on one paper!)
  • Running circles around basic math
  • Taking actions with your fractions
  • And much much more

Here's How Your Step-By-Step Transformation Unfolds...

Whether you are working with children with learning disadvantages in a Title 1 class, or are working with gifted learners far above grade level, these proven strategies will make your classroom time so much more fun, efficient and effective.


When you work with C.R.A.M. Academy Online, you receive:

  • 12 power-packed strategies for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade standards
  • Practical activities to increase understanding and test scores
  • Effective practices to help students bridge from known to unknown
  • Multi-sensory activities to connect with every child’s learning style
  • Video instruction and demonstration for each of the strategies
  • Downloadable worksheets to use right away in your classroom
  • Monthly Zoom call with other teachers for support and questions
  • Email support from C.R.A.M. Academy creators Valencia and Charlene


Each of the Strategies includes:

  • Clear, easy-to-follow teaching videos

  • Theory and practical demonstration

  • Videos of actual in-classroom instruction

  • Companion practice worksheets and notes

But don't take our word for it!

Here's what teachers are saying about their experience with C.R.A.M. Academy:

"I introduced the TAPP and ADD strategy to my students, and it helped them tremendously. We have made this a part of our daily math routine."

- Sharon Duval
Elementary math teacher,

"My students had so much FUN in math today. I was so excited to see a lot of my struggling students getting the concept of division and becoming EXCITED about it. One student in particular that has been struggling all year, it was like a light bulb went off and he was calling out answers left and right. I was so EXCITED I could have cried."

- Diane Ventimiglia
5th grade Teacher, Forrest Road Elementary School, Georgia

"The strategies you share are truly a gift and your encouraging, fun, and optimistic attitudes serve as a must needed moral boost. I know that both my teammates and I have been re-energized in regards to giving students math tools to help them become more successful. Thank you all."

- Jeanine Grimes 
2nd Grade Teacher, Renaissance Elementary School, Georgia

"Mrs. Thornton provides realistic, proven strategies for improving student understanding and achievement. She presents the material through the lens of functional real world application."

- Jack Cargile 
Chatham County Schools

Ready to take the next step?

Get started right away with our strategies for math class survival... and success! Our online program is convenient for teachers to explore and complete on their own time, at their own pace. And the best part is, you can start using our strategies, worksheets and tools immediately.

Two Easy Investment Options


One Payment

of $297 flat

Top features

  • 12 proven strategies covering multiple state standards
  • Step-by-step videos with theory and practical hands-on demonstration
  • Fun ideas for music, creativity, and movement
  • Downloadable worksheets and support materials
  • Place to ask Valencia questions

Three Payments

of $109 each

Most Popular

  • 12 proven strategies covering multiple state standards
  • Step-by-step videos with theory and practical hands-on demonstration
  • Fun ideas for music, creativity, and movement
  • Downloadable worksheets and support materials
  • Place to ask Valencia questions